The Keys to developing sustainable healthy diet and training habits


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Start Small: Aiming for the stars can feel overwhelming – prioritize slow and steady progress.

Start small by setting achievable goals and making consistent, sustainable changes to your diet and exercise regimen. Don’t expect drastic overnight results – often, times of struggle are followed by big rewards when you realize you’ve found the key to success for yourself. Focus on taking tiny baby steps each day that lead to a healthier lifestyle in the long run.

Have a Nutritional Plan: Meal prep is essential to reaching your weight loss goals!

Meal prepping is one of the most important habits to develop when working on a healthy diet and training program. It’s easy to get carried away when eating out with friends or coworkers, so having a plan and creating planned meals ahead of time can help ensure that you’re not overeating or spending too much money. Planning out meals gives you the chance to make sure that your body is taking in all of the nutrients it needs to perform its best – whether that involves preparing healthy snacks for work or calculating your daily caloric intake.

Exercise Regularly: No need to over-exhaust yourself – start off small by incorporating 15 minutes of physical activity every day.

Start off by incorporating simple exercises like walking, running, lunges, or squats. Compile a list of activities that you enjoy and alternate them throughout the week. Try joining a gym community to help keep you motivated – enrolling in classes, attending group workouts and joining fitness challenges have been proven to increase adherence to exercising more regularly. Additionally, if you’re someone who likes structure in their life it could be beneficial to schedule your exercise sessions as if they were meetings and assign each one of them a specific time slot.

Keep Yourself Accountable: Enlist the help of an accountability partner, whether that’s a friend or a personal trainer, someone with expertise!

Enlisting the help of good accountability partners can make your journey more enjoyable because you will have someone to accompany and challenge you. Share your progress with them, both physically and mentally, and continually work toward achieving those goals. Knowing that someone is tracking your progress can also be a great source of motivation for you throughout your journey!

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Reward Yourself: Celebrate your wins along the way, such as going to the gym 3x this week.

Rewards don’t have to be extravagant, it can be something small that helps you stay motivated and on track. For example, treat yourself to a smoothie after a great workout! Give yourself “mini-rewards” throughout your journey and make sure the rewards are sustainable so you know they won’t disrupt your progress. Remember to keep focusing on developing healthy diet and training habits that are sustainable and will have long term benefits.

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