How to deal with Monday Blues - Jackson’s Real Food Market & Eatery - Bryanston

Sarah at Jacksons Food Market

How to handle the monday blues….

I find new ways every week, and I guess thats how I life stays interesting for me.

Yes routine and consistency is what gets us results in our training and prep life, however when it comes to work and growth, change is essential.  


Today for example I had an extra hour free – I know right?!  


So, I took myself out  from my working environment and brought myself to a place where I am surrounded by health, wellness, inspiration and fresh clean energy – Jacksons Food Market in Bryanston.  I could spend an entire day here, just marveling at all the superfoods, fresh produce, organic vibes, colours and smells.  Not to mention the people watching.  


So, I ordered myself a ‘Rehydrating Refresher’ containing ingredients like cucumber, lemon, spinach, parsley etc’ and I’ve put my head down to create my to do list for the week.  


Happy Monday everyone!

About Jackson's Food Market and Eatery

Jackson’s Real Food Market is a small family-run business that showcases local farmers and producers.

It’s the perfect place for foodies who want to learn, taste and relax while shopping in a warm and friendly environment.

Upon entering our store, you can expect to be greeted by cleanliness, convenience, quality, knowledgeability, and a smile or two from our friendly staff members!


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