6 week program . hand holding approach


Your whole world has changed with the arrival of your little one.

I will help you to get back into the swing of things and get your body back.

Face it

You have a NEW NORMAL now

Caring for the baby and having to adjust to your new normal, you may not have the time or energy to jump back on the fitness bandwagon. I am here to tell you that from the very moment you have got the all-clear from your physician to train, this is the plan for you!

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What's Included?

Train with Sarah
Online Coaching Program

The program that was created specifically for NEW MOMS.

The program includes the following:

Online Training Program

An Online Training Programme designed to suit and fit into your schedule

Online Eating Plan

An Online Eating Plan personalised to your goal, one that allows you to transition into a sustainable lifestyle plan going forward

Nutritional Meal Prep

Sound nutritional meal prep and supplementation guidance

Private App Profile

Your very own private profile on the app, where you and I will be able to track progress and stay motivated

stay the Course

Accountability check-ins


Become part of the many success stories

Online Coaching

One Person

R1 750 per month

pay monthly

pay monthly

pay monthly

One Person + Partner

R3 500 per month



Sarah is a mom to her son Finnley, and 2 fur kids, dogs Bailey and Chloe.


As an educated trainer with over 17 years experience, Sarah has an edge and is known to train body builders, corporate clients, sports men and women, lifestyle and transformation clients.


Her motto…etvc

TWS - Sarah with Son
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Get your body back

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Your results come from the hand holding approach and personal interaction as you progress.

P.S. You have the option to continue as an online client after the challenge at a 15% discount *terms and conditions apply